Digital Scholarship Librarian & Scholarly Publishing Officer, Richter Library, University of Miami

Click on any time to make a booking – and please use the notes field to tell me what you’d like to work on. I can help with digital humanities, digital scholarship, and questions about promoting and disseminating your research.

If you want help working with particular material or data, please bring some of that material/data (or images of it) with you.

My office is on the 3rd floor – from the elevators, turn left and head down the hall. On the right you’ll see door 347 (Learning & Research Services). Look for room 347-E. If you’d prefer, though, I’m happy to meet you somewhere more central, like the campus Starbucks by the lake. Just let me know in the notes field!

My calendar for each week usually fills up by the Saturday or Sunday before it starts. You’re less likely to be able to book an appointment right before you want it.

I look forward to learning more about your project.

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